HEY EVERYONE! Since I feel like I haven’t actually drawn anything in a while (other then animating, which is basically like drawing), I would like to do some “somewhat” emergency commissions. I’ll only be offering one thing and one thing only.

Headshot commissions- 3$


If you’re interested, send an ask on who you would like to be drawn (SEND REFS!!), or just add me on my skype and we can talk ‘bout it.

skype: nova1duke

If I get enough of these I’ll make them a permanent thing on my commissions list. THANKS BBYS <33!!

I have a bunch of commissions that were already paid and are quite overdue. I am very well aware that I need to do them, but something is holding me back.. and it’s holding me back quite a bit. So to anyone that has commissioned me in the past, and already had paid, I’m dearly sorry for being the procrastinating asshat I am. I can promise that the commissions will be done though! It’ll just take more time..

Again, sorry. :c