Did I ever mention that I make muuuuuuusic?

Yeee I’ve been practicing FL Studio for a couple months now and I think I gotten the hang of the basics. The only kind of music I’ve been making are piano covers of themes from video games I like. So here’s the golden sun battle theme slowed a bit down. It’s not the whole theme though, just the beginning of it.

So last night I was playing monster hunter trying to complete all of the offline campaign quests, and I was doing an urgent quest (I think) where I had to capture a Lagiacrus. About halfway through it I got super tired, so I paused the mission, closed my 3ds and took a small nap. Woke up a bit later but then decided to go back to sleep. Here’s the kicker though.. I woke up and saw that my 3ds was still on sleep mode. So I decided to open it up and saw my character in my house. Confused I thought the quest canceled for being inactive for so long so I checked the quest lady and apparently.. the quest has been completed. I just asked my brothers if they played my game while I was asleep and they all said no. A..Am I playing monster hunter in my sleep..?