Hey guys, I plan to livestream some games in an hour or so. I know the last time I did one, which was a while ago, didn’t go so well due to my internet being an asshole but I’m sure it’ll go better today. I’ll give a link later and upload a video on it soon. Also after games I may or may not give a sneak peak on some STUUUFFF I’VE BEEN PLANNING~? HMMMMM~???

"You want a challenge!? You’ll get one!!

So after watching TOME episode 11 I got super inspired by the ending that I just had to listen to the soundtrack again. After a while of jammin’ out I remembered about that old idea I had with a TOME persona I made. SO WITH THE MUSIC JUST BLASTING IN MY EARS I decided to draw him (with a slightly different appearance) charging up a final attack or somethin’. I’m pretty proud with how this came out actually! Pretty messy but hey, is rly gud.